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Web Component Framework (WCF) Drag and Drop (D&D) - Dashboard Training 


This is a 1 day class (6-hours in duration) that includes lecture, lab and testing for up to 5 students.

The class is conducted in the customer’s own Foglight environment using the pre-existing Foglight Management Servers, and focuses on the advanced techniques for creating dashboards in Foglight and leveraging Web Component Framework (WCF).


This course is intended for administrators and users of the Foglight Server.


  1. This course requires previous attendance in Foglight Administration training or substantial experience as a Foglight Administrator or Operator.

  2. The attendees must have an active working Foglight environment with adequate licensing and no known performance degrading issues.

  3. Attendees must have a dedicated computer to connect to the Foglight environment using WebEx, and in the event there are more than two attendees there will need to be a dedicated training space with an overhead projector connected to the WebEx connected computer, with adequate seating in the room.

  4. Attendees will need to have a computer to work from and credentials with which to access both the network and the Foglight console.

  5. There must be an available environment to create dummy hosts for labs and testing.


Upon Completion of this training each student should be able fully utilize the following:

  1. Data Model

  2. Creating Dashboards

    1. Charts

    2. Gauges

    3. Lists

    4. Tables

  3. Creating Reports

  4. Creating Parameterized Reports

  5. Creating Fixed Layout Dashboards