Performance Monitoring Experts


This is a 2 day class (6-hours in duration) that includes lecture, lab and testing for up to 12 students. 

This course introduces students to the querying and analytical capabilities of using Toad Data Point and Toad Intelligence central.

Students will learn to load, modify and save data; create spreadsheets and other delivers; and refine and run ad hoc queries.  They will learn to produce individual ad hoc reports and make these reports and information easy to access via dash boards.

Lectures are supported by hands on student lab exercises.


This course is intended for Power Users and Business Analysts.




Study guide with useful real world examples that includes all presentations and relevant white papers.


SQL for End Users -- Includes SQL, ANSI SQL and an overview of Analytical SQL (Oracle database only)


      o   Introduction/Analytics Overview

      o   Toad Data Point and data warehouse overview

      o   Introduction to Toad Data Point and Toad Intelligence Central

      o   Toad Data Point Quick Start

      o   Working with various data sources

      o   Transform and cleanse data

​      o   Accessing data in various data stores and formats

      o   Apply Joins and Conditions

      o   Introduction to Query Builder

      o   Data Manipulation including transform, cleanse, views and snapshots

      o   Working with SQL, functions and code snippets

      o   Visualization Techniques in formatting Data, Views and Graphs

      o   Export/Import of connections and other maintenance items

      o   Automation and scheduling for any Toad Data Point task

      o   Includes Data Compare, Snapshot management, Project Manager

      o   Working with Toad Intelligence Central​

Toad Data Point for End Users

Toad Data Point and Toad Intelligence Central 

All training is provided by LightSpeed PM

a Certified Quest Partner