Performance Monitoring Experts

Stat SQL Scripts

Stat Consulting - 16 hours of remote services

All training is provided by LightSpeed PM

a Certified Quest Partner

The Consultant will work with the Stat Administrators and show them how to configure Stat to support SQL script execution and capturing of logs in a central location.  Process will include backing up current data prior to update.


16 hours of services to be delivered in four (4) 4-hour sessions:

  1. Session #1 - Configure Stat and define directory structure to hold scripts and logs

  2. Session #2 - Validate configuration

  3. Session #3 - Perform knowledge transfer sessions for developers

  4. Session #4 - Document process

Services will be delivered remotely.


     o   Updated Stat configuration

     o   SQL Script process guide for Developers

     o   SQL Script configuration guide for Stat Administrators