Performance Monitoring Experts

STAT Consulting Offerings

Custom Reports

     Consultant will work with Stat Administrators and together they will create at least one custom reports using TIBCO Software's JasperSoft.

Data Mover

     Consultant will work with Stat Administrators to configure Stat to support Data Mover Script (DMS) execution.  Scripts will no longer need to have Input, Output and Log Locations hard-coded because Stat will be able to dynamically execute the DMS against the correct target and place the logs in the appropriate location.  This makes executing, documenting and logging of Data Mover Scripts quick since the manual step of editing each script prior to execution is eliminated.  The defined process will backup the data prior to update.

Database Refreshes

     Consultant will work with Stat Administrators to configure Stat to accurately and easily restore customizations that are overwritten during a database refresh.

Health Check

     As time passes it is natural for various configuration items in Stat to get out of sync with each other.  At a minimum, this can be a simply annoyance like a drop-down value that says one thing but means something else or as serious as a flaw in Stat security setup which enables users to bypass workflow rules.  The Health Check is designed to find these inconsistencies and to address them. 

SQL Scripts

   Consultant will work with Stat Administrators to configure Stat to support SQL script execution.  Process will include backing up current data prior to update.

Workflow Design

     Stat Administrators will learn the 5-step process to creating robust workflows that support their site's business processes.  Workshop will include analyzing and configuring at least one existing workflow or creating a new workflow using the process presented in this course.