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Consultant will work with the Stat Administrators and show them how to configure Stat to support Data Mover Script (DMS) execution.  Scripts will no longer need to have Input, Output and Log Locations hard-coded because Stat will be able to dynamically execute the DMS against the correct target and place the logs in the appropriate location.  This makes executing, documenting and logging of Data Mover Scripts quick since the manual step of editing each script prior to execution is eliminated.  The defined process will backup the data prior to update.​


24 hours of services to be delivered in 3 days

  1. Day #1 - Configure Stat and define directory structure to support execution of Data Mover Scripts

  2. Day #2 - Validate configuration

  3. Day #3 - Document configuration; perform knowledge transfer session

Services may be delivered remotely or on-site.


     o   Updated Stat configuration

     o   Data Mover Script process guide

All training is provided by LightSpeed PM

a Certified Quest Partner

Stat Data Mover Scripts

Stat Consulting - 3 days