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Foglight Custom Cartridge Pricing can be obtained from Quest Software. All Solutions are presently sold as a cartridge which is installed, and configured along with Services.

Pricing Determination Factors

  1. Based on whether the product is considered Tier 1 or Tier 2
  2. Dependent upon the number of Foglight Management servers upon which the cartridge will be installed
  3. Depends on the number of years of support requested at time of purchase
  4. Total cost is dependent upon the number and type of Cartridges purchased as well

NOTE: For customers who are interested in multiple products or have a large implementation of Foglight Management Servers, our "All you can eat" (AYCE) program will help you save on support/maintenance cost by freezing your price level regardless of the number of additional products you purchase. Ask us for more details!!!


All custom cartridge installation and support is covered for the first year with each purchase, unless a shorter duration key is installed during a POC. 

  • Customers will be contacted for renewal separately from Foglight Licensing - This is not part of your license agreement
  • Renewals can be purchased for 1 to 5 years in duration
  • Cartridges will time out and cease to function after the term of the agreement, if not renewed
  • Lapses in agreements may be resolved by issuance of payment that is retroactive to the end of the previous period

The annual renewal qualifies the customer for the following:

  1. Continuation of product functionality through the covered period purchased
  2. Ability to log a ticket with Quest Support under your primary contract for issues believed to be related to a cartridge
  3. Up to 8 hours of support annually for qualified issues, unless additional hours are purchased

Additional notes:

The terms of each Statement of Work include up to a specified number of hours of prepaid “Annual Consulting” (otherwise known as PSO Support and maintenance), with validity beginning the last day of the deployment engagement, and continuing for one year, unless additional years of coverage are purchased.

PSO Support hours are intended purely to assist with technical problems with the performance of the Custom Cartridge, and to qualify the client for upgrades, patches, and fixes at no cost for the duration of the services agreement. Maintenance and support must be renewed annually to qualify for continuation of these benefits.

Reporting an Issue:
In the event of perceived issue with the Foglight Custom Cartridge, the client will first contact Quest Support via either telephone or the online support page:

The client will provide the Site ID and a description of the failure condition being experienced, and the Quest Support team will provide a best effort approach to determining the cause of the problem.

  • Quest Support may follow documented steps to disable the Custom Cartridge to isolate the root cause of the problem, and may at their choosing disable the cartridge for a period long enough to determine whether the reported conditions are either related or unrelated to operation of this Cartridge.
  • The Custom Cartridge may or may not be re-enabled during the troubleshooting process, depending upon its relevance or potential impact to the troubleshooting efforts in progress.

After isolation, the quest will do one of the following

  • If it is believed that the Custom Cartridge is unrelated to the condition being experienced, the Quest Support team will work to resolve the issue and then re-enable all custom Cartridges before closing the ticket.
  • If it is believed that the condition reported is related to a specific custom Cartridge after having followed standard troubleshooting procedures, Quest Support will then escalate the issue to Quest PSO for resolution.

The PSO team will respond within 48 hours of escalation, and will take the necessary steps to restore the Custom Cartridge to its original configuration, as it existed at the end of the most recent consulting engagement related to the Custom Cartridge.

  • Any changes to the configuration which may have been made by the client after implementation will be overwritten. PSO will not be responsible to resolve issues that result from client actions to relocate or reinstall the Cartridge to other management servers, databases, storage, or network segments than where it was originally implemented.

The PSO hours are allocated as a maximum amount of support for the cartridges under an annual term (unless additional hours are purchased). Activities that are out of scope for “Annual Consulting Services” (or PSO Support) hours after implementation is  completed, are as follows:

  • Any post implementation customization and/or configuration
  • Product use training or knowledge transfer*
  • Relocation or upgrade due to changes in infrastructure

*Note - All Service Packs are sold as a solution which includes an appropriate amount of knowledge transfer required to ensure the client fully understands how to use the solution purchased, which is therefore not part of the maintenance agreement. Additional hours may be purchased as desired for more training.

Lightspeed PM reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions, pricing, and  support model without notification, Customer may review these terns as needed at this link.

Published December 31, 2017