Why Remote Administration: 

Regular administration of Foglight comes as a cost that can be as much as a Full Time Employee (FTE) in some cases, depending upon the size of the organization. Additionally, providing for a backup resource when vacations, illness, or heavy workload prevent clients from performing those tasks can be difficult or impossible. Clients need a reliable resource with the skills to step into their environment without having a huge learning curve. Our team can do just that! Whether you need a replacement due to a resource departure or just some assistance getting through a tough time frame with too many projects to focus on day to day work, we can be the resource you count on to keep things running smoothly.

Services Description:   

The Foglight Remote Administration Services offering is an engagement that is intended to ensure proper operation of the Foglight environment while reducing strain on client resources. The remote Foglight administrator's primary focus is to manage and maintain the customer’s Foglight environment, engage with Dell Support as needed to ensure smooth, incident-free operation of the Foglight Management Server, database and monitoring agents, and provide regular reports on the state of the environment to all stakeholders. Services include a dedicated Project Manager who oversees the activities, ensures reports are timely and conform to established formats, and providing oversight as the interface between our resource and the client's management team.


The following services are included in the scope of the Foglight Remote Administration Services offering:

  1. Initiate the engagement with a Health Check/Architecture review
  2. Review and tune configuration of Foglight Management Server and it's Repository
  3. Review and tune configuration of Foglight Infrastructure components
  4. Review and tune configuration of Foglight agents
  5. Review and tune configuration of APM (EUM) appliances
  6. Review and tune configuration of rules, system alerts and threshold settings to improve alerting triggers
  7. Review and tune configuration of Application Components, Services, Hit Filters and Transaction Filters to improve their applicability to managing the modeled artifacts
  8. Review and tune configuration of custom reports and dashboards
  9. Review and tune configuration of custom agents
  10. Review any open support issues as required
  11. Engage with Quest Support if new support tickets need to be open
  12. Act as a primary contact during support issue resolution
  13. Help plan and support customer in the application of Foglight patch releases and feature releases
  14. Design and planning for growth
  15. Provide weekly status reports to stakeholders
  16. Conduct up to two status meetings per month

Prerequisites and Assumptions

   >> This Service offering requires secure remote login to the customer’s Foglight environment

This program includes three, six or 12 months of service delivery, with 20 hours per week in the first month and 10 hours per week thereafter

Minimum 21 days advanced booking required subject to availability.

This is a fixed-time contract.

This is not a fixed-deliverables contract.

This service offering is based upon an “average” level of effort for a packaged offering.

This offering can be purchased in multiple quantities. 

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