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This is a 1 day class (6-hours in duration) that includes lecture, lab and testing for up to 12 students. 

The course begins with a complete overview of the Oracle architecture so students can get an understanding of how Oracle works.  Attendees will learn how to access data from Oracle using the SQL language.

The attendees have the opportunity to construct various SQL statements to solve simple and complex business questions.  The course utilizes a variety of current tools.  Students will have the opportunity to learn more about Toad Data Point.  

Lectures are supported by hands on student lab exercises.


The focus of this course is to give a working knowledge of SQL to non-IT people, or to people who are new to the relational database world. 




      o  Study guide with presentations and relevant white papers
      o  SQL Reference Pocket Guide
      o  Opportunity to ask the tough Oracle questions
      o  A hands-on opportunity to learn more about Oracle 


Course Outline:

      o   Introduction to Oracle SQL
            -Oracle RDBMS Architecture overview
            -Introduction to Toad/Toad DP
            -Introduction to SQL

      o   Advanced SQL Topics

            -Advanced SQL
                   ANSI SQL Syntax
                   Sub queries
             -Group Functions
      o   Analytical SQL topics
      o   Referential Integrity


All training is provided by LightSpeed PM

a Certified Quest Partner

Oracle SQL for Business Analysts