Performance Monitoring Experts


This is a 2-day class (6 hours per day) that included lectures and labs for up to five (5) students.

Classes are conducted using the Customer's  Foglight environment, and where necessary may use the Quest lab environment. 

The class covers the full set of Oracle PI features, dashboards, and workflows as well as advanced features such as User Defined Queries and Custom Dashboards.


This course is intended for new and intermediate administrators and users of Foglight Oracle PI.


  1. This course does not require attendance in any previous Foglight training.

  2. Attendees must have a dedicated computer to connect to the WebEx session and Quest training environment, if used.

  3. For private classes using customer environments, attendees must have access to their Foglight server and credentials for access.

  4. The Foglight environment should not have any known performance issues.

  5. A basic understanding of database architecture is useful but not required.


Upon Completion of this training each student will:

  1. Have a full understanding of Foglight architecture and Data Model.

  2. Use workflows to drill into every dimension of the database workload to investigate Session, Users, Programs, SQL, Sessions, and more.

  3. View, Analyze, and track changes to Plans.

  4. Extend monitoring with User Defined Queries and Performance Counters.

  5. Tune monitoring, rules, and alarms to fit the needs of the user’s unique environment.

  6. Identify and process alarms.

  7. Create ad-hoc and scheduled reports.

  8. Create custom drag and drop dashboards to provide views specific to the customer’s applications and environment.

  9. Perform User Administration to create new Users, Groups, and Roles.


Foglight Oracle Performance Investigator 

All training is provided by LightSpeed PM

a Certified Quest Partner