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This is a 2-day class (6-hours per day) that includes lecture, lab and testing for up to 12 students.

Attendees will learn how to develop Oracle procedures, functions and packages using PL/SQL (Programming Language extension of Structured Query Language).  They will also learn about error handling and debugging.

The attendees will construct PL/SQL statements and scripts to solve simple and complex business questions by writing PL/SQL in a variety of tools and applications.

Lectures and topics are enhanced with live illustrations and hands-on exercises.


  1. Introduction to PL/SQL syntax and language structure.

  2. Introduction to PL/SQL commands to develop Oracle procedures, functions and database triggers.

  3. Exposure to Oracle tools SQL*Plus and SQL Developer.

  4. Exposure to Quest Software's application named Toad.

  5. Introduction to advanced PL/SQL topics including cursor management, exception handling, PL/SQL Profiler, PL/SQL Debugger and much more.

The focus of this course is to give a working knowledge of PL/SQL to students who already have a working knowledge of SQL.

Working knowledge of SQL. 

      o   Study Guide with presentations and relevant white papers
      o   PL/SQL Reference pocket guide
      o   Example files with SQL and SQL*Plus scripts
      o   Tips and Techniques for both Toad and SQL Developer       

Day 1:  Introduction to Oracle PL/SQL
      o   Oracle RDBMS Architecture overview
      o   Introduction to SQL*Plus, SQL Developer and Toad
      o   Introduction to PL/SQL
            - Syntax
            - Structure
            - Variables
            - Control Structures
                  - IF-Then-Else
                  - Case
                  - Looping 
            - Cursors
                  - Implicit
                  - Explicit
                  - Cursor Loops

Day 2:  Advanced PL/SQL Topics     
      o   PL/SQL Exception Handling
      o   Procedures, Functions and Packages
      o   Passing Parameters
      o   PL/SQL Profiling
      o   PL/SQL Debugging
      o   PL/SQL New Features

All training is provided by LightSpeed PM

a Certified Quest Partner

Introduction to Oracle PL/SQL

Foundation Class