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This class, including hands-on activities,  is a 2-day class (6 hours per day) and is offered as a private, instructor lead class taught via a virtual classroom (up to 5 students)

This course is intended to provide students with a thorough understanding of the scripting and
querying capabilities within Foglight.  Students will learn to take advantage of the Foglight Service APIs and the built-in Groovy engine to use Foglight to its full potential.

Students learn through hands-on activities and guided walk-through(s).  Use-case scenarios and best practices are used to reinforce learning throughout the course.


Administrators from programming backgrounds that are keen to extend and customize Foglight.


  1. A firm grasp of programming concepts such as data types, loops, scope, methods and functions.

  2. An understanding of regular expressions would also be beneficial but not essential.


Students completing this course will receive information required to:

  1. Understand the Foglight Models

  2. Write Scoping queries to be used in rules and derived metrics

  3. Understand Groovy syntax

  4. Write Complex Topology Queries

  5. Write Advanced Foglight Scripts using Groovy

  6. Understand and use the Foglight Service API’s


Lesson 1:  Introduction to Groovy Part I
      o   Assignment, types and the def keyword
      o   Methods
      o   Foglight Script Editor
      o   Assertions

Lesson 2:  Introduction to Groovy Part II
      o   Scope
      o   If Statements
      o   Groovy Collections
      o   Iteration
      o   Handling Exceptions

Lesson 3:  Object-Oriented Programming and Groovy
      o   Introduction
      o   Concepts
      o   OOP Principles in Foglight
      o   Classes & Objects in Foglight

Lesson 4:  More Groovy
      o   Regular Expressions
      o   Closures
      o   Collection Framework Methods

Lesson 5:  Foglight Models
      o   Data Browser
      o   Schema Browser
      o   Script Editor
      o   The scope keyword

Lesson 6:  Query Syntax

      o   Query Syntax
      o   Query Operators
      o   Query Examples

Lesson 7:  Scoping Queries
      o   Building a Scoping Query

      o   Scoping Query Examples
      o   Scoping Query Usage

Lesson 8:  Topology Queries
      o  Topology Query Syntax
      o   Topology Query Examples

Lesson 9:  Metric Queries
      o   Where Are They Used?
      o   Metric Query Syntax
      o   Metric Query Examples

Lesson 10:  Foglight Service Layer APIs
      o   Listing the APIs
      o   Using the APIs
      o   Frequently Used APIs

Lesson 11:  The fglcmd and More Examples
      o   Introducing Fglcmd

      o   Exporting Data

      o   Use Cases​

All training is provided by LightSpeed PM

a Certified Quest Partner

Foglight Scripting

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