Performance Monitoring Experts

Here we provide solutions to the everyday problems of managing deployment and loads, such as:

 >> Keeping your Foglight Management Servers (FMS) in sync with existing infrastructure monitoring needs
 >> Automating Deployment of agents correctly every time to monitor new systems
 >> Capable of listening with an open API for an input to trigger the addition or removal of an Agent
 >> Capable of reading in changes from files or databases leveraging a pre-defined but flexible format
            - CSV, JSON​

 >> Automating removal of agents from monitoring when severs are decommissioned
 >> Removing History and Topology information that’s no longer needed
 >> Managing load on the FMS to prevent overload
 >> Pooled resources are managed using a database of installed components
 >> Managing the load Foglight Agent Managers (FglAM)
            - Preventing overload
            - Organizing by agent type

This solution ensures your monitoring system will be organized, well balanced, and run more smoothly and reliably.Type your paragraph here.

Reduce your worries, workload, and performance issues, and eliminate reoccurring challenges by automatically maintaining your Foglight Management Servers. Auto-Maintenance gives you the power to resolve common problems without having to lift a finger. Functions included are:

Agent Monitoring actively watches for and alerts you if an agent fails due to any of these conditions:

  >> Data Collection not started
  >> Inactive or Stale Agents
  >> Obsolete Agents
  >> Zombie Agents – looks like it is working but it isn’t
  >> Foglight Agent Manager - High Availability not active

Alarms Management helps you keep your system clean by establishing a baseline and maintaining it;

  >> Purge your excess alarms for better performance
  >> Clear out old alarms so relevant alarms are visible
  >> Configure settings with a sliding window for
        - Severities
        - Prioritizing the order to process alarms
  >> Sends an alert when a problem reoccurs and cannot be automatically fixed after several attempts

Utilizes a built in Administration Component

  >> Provides you with the ability to display or alert on Topology issues including
        - Churn
        - Dangling References
        - Limits
        - Stale objects
  >> Ability to display dependencies
  >> Maintains and displays logs on Credential validations
  >> Provides visibility and control for Agents, Metrics, Registry Variables, Reports, Rules, Schedules, Secondary ASPs, and Thresholds

This solution can resolve the needs for periodic Health Checks and replaces the old manual process of scripting to track all these factors.

Foglight lifecycle management

We’ve designed and built a set of 3 different LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT cartridges  for the busy Foglight Administrator. These tools simplify management, reduce time and complexity for administration, and ensure all aspects of your Foglight environment are synchronized and performing optimally.

It's what Foglight Administrators all over the world have been asking for and dreaming of!!!

Auto-Deploy/Un-Deploy for Foglight components

Auto-Maintenance for Foglight

Centralized Configuration for Foglight

​​Centralized configuration generally focuses on our larger customer environments, with multiple Foglight Management Servers (FMS) installed, either in the same data center or in a distributed condition.

  •    Customers normally must  touch every FMS individually to update rules and configurations.

Centralized Configuration makes it possible to perform many of the common activities one at a time and update all the others with a click of a button. Features include:

  >> Configure one cluster, or many clusters
        - Allows you to control which servers are updated and which are not
  >> Automatically sync changes from one FMS to all other servers in the cluster:
        - Creation
        - Deletion
        - Modification
  >> Provides an audit trail of all synchronized changes
        - Know what change happened on which FMS and when it happened
        - Perform discovery from any FMS